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Who else is realizing Jack from this is us is in this film? Oh man! The opening Burn Rubber on Me by Gap Band got me hooked, I am SOLD! Haha


This movie was so good I really loved this movie!  Such a great message. I didn't expect it to be a commercial success, things that are wholesome rarely are. I got a lot out of it and just a side note, Adrienne looked beautiful with black hair!. Omg is that the brother from Akeelah and the bee?? I used to think he was so cute he looks nasty now 😂😂 man some people age different don't they. .


I watched this in cinema today , its way better than it looks

My type of movie! Can’t wait to see this at the movies! I love JLo❤️❤️

All I can say is Quincy is fine 😋

where to watch online?

ohhhlala elle chante trop bien

omg... dolores song!!! i miss her 😭😭


Superb actress!


has anyone seen 'dont tell mom the babysitters dead?' its the same plot line with the fake resume and then the girl changing personality

The Trade Free Online PutLocker

A feel good comedy with identity fraud like scam, then I’m supposed to feel bad for her. Ugh 😑


oh i have GOT to see this

Getting old

The cringe came and it came quickly. It started off like a low budget gang flick and then the choir started and I quickly couldn't take it.


wow what a cringefest, so jhoe from the block is the best MAN for the job, ok, sure, watever, i like what u did there hollywood, real nice cant wait 👍

looking for free download site :(




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